Note related to the ESL PODcast (Fast dialog:17:33) Fast dialog: 17:33 WORDS

reprimanded - castigato

to accuse – to state that someone has done something wrong or illegal; to blame someone for doing something wrong He was accused of theft

misconduct – cattiva condotta

to be up for – being considered for, especially when it is one’s turn or time to have ordo something. To be up for promotion

to be on edge – essere nervoso, preoccupato

minor – di poca importanza

offense – azione contro le regole

slap on the wrist – blanda punizione

to blow things out of proportion – date troppa importanza ad una cosa

dismissal – licenziamento (o termine del lavoro)

written reprimand - ammonizione scritta

personnel file – fascicolo personale

raise – aumento (di stipendio) I hope to receive a raise 

quite frankly – in modo diretto

to sweat it – (letteralmente sudare) = essere preoccupato di qualcosa Why are you studying so much? The test is going to be easy. Don’t sweat it!

promotion / punishment - promozione / punizione

don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time – non compiere il fatto se non puoi sopportarne le conseguenze